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             Dr. Zibo Gao Chiropráctic Services

Ajuste quiropractico: Dr, Zibo Gao, D.C. 
Experto en dolor de cuello, espalda, hombro, rodilla 

  • Especialidad: dolor de cuello, hombro, rodilla,y migraña;

  • Rehabilitacion tras accidente automovilistico (abogado de lesiones personales disponible)

  • Especial: Escoliosis idiopática en niños y adolescentes;

  • Sistema immunológico  debilitado;

  • Nutrición y metaboloismo en trastornos 
Treatment Specialties:
  • Professional Applied Kinesiology 
  • Effective Chiropractic Care 
  • Chinese Meridian Therapies 
  • Neuro- Emotional Technique 
  • Nutrition and Diet Counseling 
  • Balancing Hormones and Organ Systems 
  • Gait and Postures Analysis and Correction 
  • Spinal Disc Problems and Specific Corrections 
  • Sport Injury 
  • Automobile Accidents Injury
Dr. Zibo Gao, D.C.
Education and Achievements 
  • Chengdu Sport University
Bachelor of Medicine in TCM
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong 
Master of Science in Sports Medicine 
  • Life Universityof Chiropractic, Marietta, GA 
Doctor of Chiropractic
  • International College of Applied Kinesiology 
Certified Applied Kinesiologist

Languages: English and Chinese (Mandarin)